Changing the world.... 

two people at a time 

A new dating company looking to heal the world.

We help form relationships that spread a message of love and peace.  Many people suffer from the negative effects of Involuntary Celibacy. These 'Incels' often share the same common goals as the rest of the population- a desire for acceptance, love and community. We built #DateAnIncel to bring this minority group into the forefront of the online dating scene, providing them with a platform to be connected with regular partners. 

If you have felt moved by the recent media attention around the incel movement and have been looking for a way to turn your romantic life into a message of hope, #DateAnIncel is the service for you.  We match the attributes and interests of both incels and other site users to aim to form romantic relationships that by their very nature reduce risks that plague society.





"I had been looking for a way to contribute to solving the problems of the world with incredible love, integrity and humility. Having been single for a few years whilst actively lobbying for Democratic reform, my friend showed me an ad online she has seen for #DateAnIncel. It felt like the perfect way to unite both my professional and personal desires.

Unlike other dating sites, this platform provided a safe space for me to discover myself and the incel community... and then eventually Brad.  Brad had never been with a woman before and had been nervous of signing up but had also been encouraged by a friend. We started chatting and developing a magical online secret world we could escape to. This secret world didn't care about your relationship history, your successes or where you're from. It cared about your interests, passions and desires.

3 months later, Brad and I agreed to meet in person. I knew instantly Brad was the man I loved. I knew I could help him and that in my helping him, I would be utilizing my romantic life as a signal for greater change."

- Rebecca, 32, Boise